Class of 2045

Class of 2045

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2045 is a cursed year for every person of color. It is a year when blacks are either rich and highly involved in politics or broke and detained, there is no in-between.


Doria, a privileged African American, grows tired of her oversaturated lifestyle of high-end clothes, political organizations, and meetings at her university. 

She decides it’s time to find her own happiness at a more meaningful college, one where she can pursue discipline and the arts.


The college of her dreams was haunted by rumors. Most said many of the blacks who attended never made it out, many were detained, and even tortured. Ignoring the gossip, Doria finds herself trapped as an experimental lab rat at the institution in the mountains of Virginia.

The Class of 2045 races with time to escape as history rewinds itself to create a panoramic view of just how the past has a direct impact on the present and near future.


In Class of 2045, the reader walks through a time portal where they follow the evolution of the university Doria attends. It captures the privilege of the Lumpkin family and how a single slave jail turned into a university to produce new slaves over the time span of 200 years.


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